Noisymals, The Game

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Noisymals is a challenging game of logic. You will have to use the sounds of the little animals to pass though the level. It is easy at first but you will have to really squeeze your brain in order to go through the more complex levels :-)

Challenge your friends to master the levels and get all the stars! Of course, you can play without sound ;-)


During the making of noisymals no animals were harmed. If you know a dog who is scared of a cat, the author is not responsible for it. Hope you are having fun!

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My name is Victor San Vicente. I am responsible for the game design. Graphics, programming and music are also at my expense. And bugs too! You can follow me on twitter @ningunaparte


I have had the priceless help of Miguel with his bussiness overview and his wise councel @mmunozfe and Blanca @BlancaS_5 with her enthusiasm and the design of some puzzles. I owe Carlos @carloswes some design details and luxury betatesting.

Thanks Marta, Eva and Emmma because of your patience and love.

Thank you so much also to other friends and betatesters.

Gorka, Amaia,Aritz,Carmen,Ujué,Carlos and all the friends of @Biko2, @540info and @interzonasinfo